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       Green Advantage® Certification
The goal of our LIVE 16 hour training is to provide an understanding of the core concepts and principles behind green construction and how to integrate green practices, materials and strategies. Green Path provides instruction for Green Advantage (GA) and Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP) exams.  This certification is a 'must' for construction workers and contractors who want to be able to capture a share of the growing ‘green building'.
100% of our instructors are Green Advantage Certified* in addition to being LEED credentialed.  Our primary clients are Building Trade Unions and their signatory

The GACA™ designation is valuable for tradespeople who wish to demonstrate their capability in green construction. The target audience for the GACA Exam™ also includes apprentices, construction students, and entry-level construction workers. The GACA™  designation is a qualifying credential for the GAFPS GA 3030 Construction Specification Standard (toward required GA Certified personnel percentage totals).
bi  bbid™  GA Certified Practitioner™: The GACP Exam™ focuses on green building field principles, means, and methods that help ensure successful green building projects and reduce risks associated with green building. Candidates for GACP™ certification are responsible for understanding the application of over 600 green building best practices. The exam emphasizes meeting and exceeding green project goals related to building performance, worker and occupant health and safety, crew collaboration, and costs. The GACP™ designation is valuable for construction supervisory personnel who wish to demonstrate their capability in green construction. The target audience for the GACP Exam™ also includes architects, engineers, code officials, and advanced students. The GACP™ designation is a qualifying credential for the GAFPS GA30 Construction Specification Standard, the GAFPS 3030 Construction Specification Standard, and the LEED Innovation Credit (toward required GA Certified personnel percentage totals).  
GREEN ADVANTAGE ® CERTIFICATION Green Advantage® is the nation’s longest standing, third party, environmental certification for commercial and residential construction personnel. Green Advantage (GA) offers individuals an opportunity to differentiate themselves by demonstrating their knowledge of green building practices by successfully passing one of the GA Exams®. GA offers two different exams: GA Certified Associate Exam™ and an advanced certification, GA Certified Practitioner Exam™


Price:  $275 per person - includes course materials
(does not include exam fee)
*Trainings are developed and delivered by organizations that are independent from Green Advantage, Inc. for the purpose of Green Advantage® Certification Exam preparation. While Green Advantage (GA) recommends training ion preparation for its certification exams, it does not authorize, endorse or hold responsibility for training events or materials. Green Advantage® and GA Exam® are registered trademarks of Green Advantage, Inc.